Synchronizing Word Documents with Google Docs

Have you ever feel angry when your Documents disappear in your hard disk by something that you unanticipated?Like unintentionally deleted, a damaged hard disk, or by an as*hole thief that stolen your laptop. Yeah sure, everything can happen.

But now, that creepy situation can we avoided by a tiny software names OffiSync. Hmm, the software support synchronizing documents in your harddisk with your Google Docs account, Actually this software is a plug-in for Ms Word either 2007 or 2003. Besides the ability for synchronize documents, with this software we can collaborate with our partner to editing, or create a document.

This is a few screen shot of this application :

Toolbar inside the Ms Word for this applications

Open, Save directly to google docs.

Synchronize with your google docs.

This software available for free version and you can download at OffiSync website.

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